Clecom Nigeria Digital Skills Programme primarily focused on revolutionizing the idea of providing digital skills to Nigerian youths and adults within an interval of three months.

The programme is missioned to put-a-ladder for the teeming populace, especially the youths of Nigeria to climb to the top, help them to discover and maximize their God-given potentials. We believe that a skill-less person is a purpose-less person! And life without purpose is useless! At Clecom, we live to promote skills for youths through vocational training and workshops, allowing them to establish their own employment in the creative industries

This program aims to provide the 21st century computer training for men, women, and youths who are unemployed or are living in extreme poverty by providing them with resources for education, training, small business set-up or linkage to employment.

Who And How to Participate?

The C-Nigeria Skills Programme is divided into three Categories, namely:

  • 1. C-Bold – This category is designed for adults that have the interest of leaning new skills and advancing their working skills. Under this batches we have the Corporate Training – The training need of any organization is unique. However, they all benefited greatly by organizing cost-effective corporate training to their staff who will share similar skills and experience in a group so as to fit the unique working environment. Many companies, through our tailor-made group trainings, have successfully achieved their objectives in improving staff productivity.

2. C-Mild: For youths and teenagers that have the zeal to learn advanced computer skills. Under this category, we have the Classroom training – Studies frequently offers various computer training courses at our Centre. To name a few, these include Web design/programming, graphic design, digital marketing, office automation packages and database management. As we limit the number of participants to 15 in a class, our tutors are able to pay more attention to each participant and cater for their needs, thus making learning more cost-effective.
To parallel match the practical needs of all participants, all training materials are designed and regularly updated by our experienced trainers.

3. C-Kids – Originally designed for children, beginning from the age of 7 -12. We call it Holidays Class. Students are handled by an experience and well certified lecture with a track-records.

What Are the Programmes offered at C-Nigeria Skills?

  1. Website development and design
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Internet Operations
  4. Database Management
  5. Use of English
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Ecommerce Development
  8. Blogging
  9. System Networking
  10. Animation
  11. AutoCAD
  12. Computer Hardware (Maintenance & Repairs
  13. Importer And Exporter
  14. Ethical Hacking
  15. Photo & Video Editing

How to Enroll in the Programme

Method 1 : In person

You can come to our office in person to enroll courses and pay the course fees. We accept cash, cheque and ATM Transfers ONLY.

N/B: Courses can be enrolled after payment confirmation.

Method 2 : By Email

You can Download, fill and send the enrolment form to us by email at The payment can be made to us online either through Paystack or Flutter. You can also send us a crossed cheque made payable to ‘Computer Technologies’. We will notify you once we receive the payment.
The enrolment form can be downloaded from here 

Method 3 : Online Registration

You can enroll the class online and pay online using credit cards. Your transaction is privately and securely handled by Paystack, Flutter. We will contact you when we receive your enrolment Immediately.